Elite escort model in Paris

Paris is a big and affluent city, you can find literally anything here. Restaurants, shops, services for every taste and color can be found without difficulty. We thought, why is the entertainment sector for men noticeably lagging behind in quality? After all, an escort is exactly the same service as many others, which means that Paris must have high quality agencies. This was back in 2010, and many years have passed since then. All this time we have been honing our skills so that our esteemed customers receive not disappointment and wasted time, but pleasure and pleasant impressions.

Paris is the capital of the escort sphere. A huge number of young and beautiful girls come to this city every year. Some of them come here to study, some to work, and some purposefully want to try themselves as an escort. Such girls love to be beautiful, love to charm men and communicate. It is these beauties that not only drive you crazy with their external data, but also charge you with fun and energy - it seems that this is given only to the youngest girls of 18-20 years old.

Escort in Paris is not only an erotic experience

By and large, this is communication, seduction, satisfaction of deep human desires. Agree, it is not so difficult for a man to satisfy one of the basic human needs. It's like going out to eat. But it's one thing to dine in a luxurious restaurant or have fun in an atmospheric bar, and it's quite another to eat in the dining room ... This is what distinguishes us from other escort agencies and ads. We want to show you the difference between these concepts and give you vivid and unforgettable impressions.

Once you try an elite escort, you will not be able to use cheap services
The difference is huge and you will quickly feel it! Try it once and share your experience with us. We painstakingly analyze every feedback from customers in order to become better for you! We guarantee the authenticity of photos of escort models, confidentiality and transparency of conditions.

Elite escorts in Paris are always only young models

As a rule, in 95% of cases these are very young girls from 18 to 22 years old. Will you agree with us that this age is the flowering of female beauty? The period of this heyday is very short, which is why it is so highly valued among escort clients. In addition, these girls are naturally beautiful and do not resort to the help of surgeons or cosmetologists. Of course, some men like girls with silicone breasts or big lips, but it seems that this trend is already a thing of the past. The total majority of requests from us are beautiful natural elite models. This is when a girl is naturally beautiful, but perhaps slightly improved her appearance in order to become a “girl in a million”. The main thing in this business is the measure, and we always select models for our agency who have a sense of taste and style.

Elite models are tall and slender girls

About 5-10% of men like women with curves, and we know about it. Therefore, in our gallery there are almost no such ladies. All elite prostitutes have a height of 172 cm. High growth makes the body of the model elongated: this gives the appearance an elegant look. High growth means that the girl has long legs and a wasp waist at the same time. It is not for nothing that the most famous super-models of all time are not less than 170 cm. We make sure that only those girls whose weight value is 120 less than their height fall into the category of elite escort models. That is, with a height of 175 centimeters, an escort model should not weigh more than 55 kilograms.

VIP models don't dress in cheap stores

With such a girl, you will not be ashamed to appear at a secular get-together, because she will be “her own” here. As a rule, such girls have a lot of branded and stylish things, and what is important - they know how to correctly combine such things. Of course, you can say that a young and beautiful model will look great in any outfit, and yes, it will be true. But just imagine how perfect she will be in stylish and expensive things! VIP escorts have several branded handbags and other accessories. Jimmy Choo and Amina Muaddi shoes are must-haves to get into the "elite" category in our escort agency.